Trump has derailed my climate activism

Of the many reasons I personally resent Trump, one is that he’s distracted me from an issue that, as many of you know, was and still should be of utmost importance to me: climate change.

I was initially drawn to Bernie because of his unwavering commitment to tackling climate change with the urgency and on the scale that the crisis demands. Once Bernie fell by the wayside, however, I got so sucked into the daily intrigues surrounding the Trump campaign, that I began to lose sight of what should be front and center this election: how we’re going to #ActOnClimate, build a more sustainable world, and how we’re going to do so in time.

One thing that I miss about Bernie is his relentless insistence that we stay focused on the issues. I hope that Hillary and the moderators of the upcoming debates are able to reel Trump in, or at least demand from him that the conversation be one of substance, whether the topic be climate change or anything else. Of course Trump won’t cooperate but they can at least hold his feet to the fire, right?

Part of me feels that it’s justifiable that my climate activism has been derailed by Trump. Trump poses such a threat to so much that I and others hold dear that stopping him truly does seem like it needs to be the locus of my energies now. Another part of me, however, is resentful and ashamed to admit that passively reading about and denouncing him on social media has supplanted my more active efforts, however feeble, to help combat climate change.

Our planet is in too precarious a state to withstand four years of a Trump presidency, but perhaps it’s also in too precarious a state for us to wait until the election’s over to speak up on its behalf.

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